Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 - what a year!

Almost gone 2011 was a great year for me!
Works, emotions, new friends.
Many projects have left on the paper or in my mind.
New challenges were in front of me.
I won  first Bulgarian competition for patchwork. The theme was eco-patchwork.
All the participants!/media/set/?set=a.229893230400917.57792.131690190221222&type=3
There was an international member in the hanging-committee -  Gudrun Heinz and a professor Anna Bojadjieva  from National art high school.
And the winner is ...!/photo.php?fbid=256557977734442&set=a.229893230400917.57792.131690190221222&type=3&theater
The big prize is a sewing machine Bernette 25.
The next my creations will be sewn on it :) 

Happy and creative new year!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh, Christmas tree

Sewing Christmas tree seems to be very funny. This year I was fully engaged to make trees.

After first decoration hanging I made next one - similar idea, but different shape.

Next one was made from rests and filled with polyester.
I have added a pinch of cinnamon inside to keep Christmas spirit.
And the back.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tutorial yo-yo Christmas tree

 As I promised here is the tutorial for Yo-yo Christmas tree.

 Cut some circle diameter 3 in (8 cm) and 1 inch hexagons.

Make yo-yo and hexagons (English paper technique).
If you prefer applique hexagons use fusible web to make them easier.
Arrange on a surface as you desire.
 Begin stitching with hidden stitch on a fabric.
Cut a shape near Tree - look at my mat for size in inches.

Add batting under the top.
Cut the back fabric same shape and stitch on the top an 4 inch (10 cm) ribbon for hanging.
Sew right side together leaving an opening for turning over.
Turn over and stitch. Add some hand stitching round the tree.
The final look


Christmas tree inspired by...

Yesterday morning I saw on ETSY Front page this beautiful Christmas tree made by Jennifer.

I was so excited so decided to made immediately a patchwork with yo-yo.
The fabrics were chosen, cut and sewn, but my eternal love to hexagons added some details.
Look what happened at the end

Do you like it?
I am preparing a tutorial and will post here in some hours.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012 New Year wall hanging

The new 2012 will be here soon. I can't believe 2011 was so short. So many projects left in my mind and couldn't happen.
Anyway I will go on sewing different things. And enjoy every minute spent in my fabric world.
After Christmas paper piecing project new ideas rushed on me.
New Year! At the beginning it was only a color drawing.
I begun sewing and when finished the number blocks suddenly my practicality "rang on the front door".
I can make the last number changeable if others are vertically.
Added stripes, quilted and binding  with rests of fabric's pieces. The last number "2" is joined by buttons. Next year I would sew only "3" and will have an actual wall hanging.
The finished wall hanging.

On the picture it is like a window hanging :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

50/50 contemporary art quilt - Number 2

Do you remember my first 50/50 art project from August?
Now I created number 2 for friends of mine. They are family for long time so the spiral of life seemed to be a perfect choice. I repeat black/white contrast in other way.
The process of combining colors.
Put the batting, back layer and thought - What would be better way for quilting?

 I quilted every piece of spiral with similar threat and different shape as the diversity of life.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The back side

I promised to show the back side of "Urban landsape". Here it is. Unusual label left from a previous project.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eco-patchwork - next creation "Urban landscape"

 Do you remember eco-patchwork competition?
I had thought some weeks what to make for the last stage.  For long time I have like wonky windows and buildings. They are interesting with shapes and many possibilities to combine in a whole surface.
The problem here was the size. In fact it is only difficulty, not a problem at all.
Look how small is a window!
I discovered that sewing with a quarter inch seam allowances made more bulk. So cut them at minimum possible width - the back side.
Collecting all the windows was very funny like a puzzle game.
My first idea was to stitch them on a felt making an application, but looking at my favorite Alicia Merrett works I changed my mind. I had to work this way.

There is no need to make perfect rectangle I leave the wavy sides.
Machine quilted with different threads matching the fabrics - small attic windows, wooden shutters etc.
It looks so vivid.

If you like it you can vote here.
How looks the back? I will show it tomorrow.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Giant crazy Christmas pincushion

Do you remember my Merry Christmas garland project?
Well I have many small  pieces left so decided make a funny holiday pincushion.
Crazy patchwork seemed mostly suitable technique for small pieces. I started sewing and soon I have big enough polygon. Trimmed the corner to have a round shape, thread a needle and with running stitch sew the end like making yo-yo.

 Tighten a little and begun filling with small pieces, left-overs and thread tails I had cut in process of sewing and collected in a small bag near my sewing machine. At the end I have tighten firmly, made a knot and made some stitches.
Cut a circle from fabric and fold this way.
 Stitched with hide stitch at the bottom.

 The pincushion is ready. Enjoy it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Navy flags for decoration

My bathroom is sea styled so I decide to add more sea elements except traditional shells, boats, ropes, fishes etc.
Having good sewing skills there is no doubt what I have thought out.
Flags! That is the idea. Every ship puts flags when travel and when come into the harbour.

The color of course was chosen not real, they had to match my bathroom' design. White, orange and blue.
I drew some variation, decide what the size should be and began.

First I cut two pieces an sew right side together.

Folded in half and stitched according to the paper pattern leaving a half inch tunnel up for a string.
I used invisible thread, because couldn't decide which color is better  - white, orange or blue:)
Trimmed a quarter inch from the stitch and the first flag is ready.
 Then sew others the same way. The front sides are different patterns, the back sides are plain fabric.
At the end stringed together all flags and hang on my blue painted wall. Here there are.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Merry Christmas Garland paper pieced technique

 I fell in love with paper piecing. After designing alphabet I discovered how many possibilities there are with combining letters.
Last my amusement was creating a garland  Merry Christmas! I used many different pieces from projects, made throughout the years.
This holy day has a special place in my life. Some years earlier we couldn't celebrate it. Now we have almost everything - presents, carols, Santa Claus.
After sewing the letters I have appliqued each of them on a felt square and at the end joined all squares by golden ribbon.
It looks great!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tibetan drawstring pouch tutorial

I was kindly asked by an Etsy member elnorac to add a tutorial or direction for sewing this pouch. Or add a pattern in my shop!
Soon will be Christmas so I decided to make a present to all my reader. I have chosen red and green patterns for this tutorial. Hoping you like it!
In 30 minutes sewing  you will have a drawstring like this :)
The size is 4,5 inches width 4 inches height.

You need 2 almost half circle 5 inches x 4 inches and 2 rectangles 5 inches x 2,5 inches.

1. Sew each rectangle with half circle right side together.

2. Iron both parts.

3. Sew right side together and zig-zag stitch.

4.  Hem the end and stitch by hand.

5. Turn over and the pouch is ready to put the drawstrings.
 Here is the "Magic". Look carefully how to begin.

6. Cut two strings 20 inches long.
From the side seam begin  running stitch around the bag first one and then another side.


Tie two ends by a knot.
7. Repeat the same action begining from opposite side a quarter inch distance between stitches.

Drawing two ends will close the bags. At this step open it manually - put finger inside and open.

8. Now it is time for endings.
Cut 2 circles 2,5 inches diameter from one color .

Fold in a half, stitch with a pin and sew diagonal.



Turn over and pull the string to look better. 

 If needed cut the ends with scissors.
Repeat with other end.
These strings will close the pouch.

9. Now we make the strings for opening.
Cut two strings 10 inches long. Fix the string at the side seam between two running stitches.

Make the ends equal and tie a knot.

10. Cut 2 circles 2,5 inches diameter from another color. Make the ending the same way.

The back side of the pouch.

 Enjoy the magic! Yo can see how it "works" here.