Thursday, September 29, 2011

The modern quilt

I am so happy. I am excited so much. I am proud.
Few weeks ago I have sent a photo of my quilt to submit in 100-day celebration on The Modern Quilt Guild’s blog that will feature fabulous modern quilts and tutorials.
Yesterday night I received the answer.

"Dear Rumiana:
Thank you so much for your submission to 100 Days of Modern Quilting. We loved your submission and would like to include it in the feature!

100 Days of Modern Quilting will start on January 1, 2012. Between now and then, an officer from The Modern Quilt Guild will contact you to confirm your permission and what information and image(s) will be included.

We’re so excited to include your work in the feature and will be in touch in the coming months!

The Modern Quilt Guild"
Waiting for next letter I am keeping secret which is my submission.
I will show in January, for now try to guess...

Monday, September 19, 2011

New wall hanging - The Virginia reel

I like working with taffeta and satin, and with rests from previous project decide to make a well known pattern in new look.
I have chosen The Virginia reel . I like spirals as a sign of a circle of life. So decided to color a little bit The Virginia reel - usually in two colors. Left or right?
 The dilemma was which one of he project to sew - four reel different colors or one reel with color combination?
At the end it happens.
 The brown frame (from taffeta of course) gave a finished look to my creation.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finished quilt in brown

I finished it on 11.09.11. In fact expected to be earlier, but the sewing was so funny so I was not bored. This quilt was my first so big quilt.
The condition "without heavy quilting" was difficult to follow. At the beginning I spent much time to fit the pieces. At the end it became so easy and fast.
The final result.
 The back is pretty, too. The "Quilt as you go" method allows combination on the back at the same time you are preparing the front.
 Some golden details.
I was happy, the client is satisfied.
Now it is time for next projects!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The back

As I promised yesterday I show the back side of the quilt.
Now I have to add boarders and you will see the finished quilt.
Waiting soon!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Big Gorgeous Quilt - brown and golden

An order for friends' daughter made me happy and put in front of new challenge.
To make a quilt for her bedroom in brown and golden, not heavy quilted and with gorgeous look.

The choice of fabrics is very limited, so I decide to use great Belgian curtain fabric, taffeta and some rests of curtain I was given by my cousin. Taffeta has an interesting characteristic to change its color when you look at it from different direction, because of  warp yarn and weft yarn used by weaving. They are two different colors.
The quilt's size is big so I decides to use "Quilt as you go" method.

The family is artistic so the squares seemed not right choice. The crazy rectangles looks better.  It took me some time to create the color schema.
First I have drawn the model on a big paper to make the templates. Began cutting and sewing the pieces.

Two contiguous parts connected with 1,5 inch strip.
The most interesting is that back side is different colors so there is another figure.
I will show it tomorrow.

Good night!