Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Summer gravatar

I am hooked on designing gravatars. After spring pattern hot summer is coming
For this one I used hand dyed fabrics and batiks that remind me summer heat, summer colors. Pretty much satisfied with the result. As background I have used many pieces - different shades of white .

 If you are more confident with freezer paper don't hesitate to use it.
You will save time with no tearing off the paper.

Combine some different colors - you will have a sunny baby quilt.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

More than happy

Do you remember my quilt 20 blessed years and the story behind?
Today I am sew satisfied.
Today is the anniversary date and She gave Him the quilt.
I don't say anything, just put here the words She wrote and the picture of happy owner with two girls.

He loves it and it brought a tear to his eyes. So lovely thank you thank you. Cx

 My lovely friends, I wish you to live many, many years  in LOVE and harmony!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

20 blessed years

These days the most popular news is the Royal wedding in English royal family.
On the same island, but with 20 years history live another couple. You might say they have an ordinary life. Probably you are right, probably not.
These 20 years were blessed with love, two beautiful girls and many incredible memories.
When she asked me to create a quilt as a anniversary gift for him I felt special. I wanted to make a different quilt, quilt that gather all 20 years and all love in this family.
I have been thinking out more than a month, discussed many ideas and finally designed a quilt.
It is base on my pattern Tessellating hearts quilt.

 But it is more than this base.
 At the very first beginning I have chosen some fabrics.
Then added more and almost made a mess on the floor.

I have added some paper pieced blocks connected with their lifetime.

 I designed a post box as a postage stamp. The narrow stripped stripe is associated with stamp edges.

 Made this as a sign of infinity love.

 And finally the top turned out absolutely gorgeous.
I have no doubt how to quilt it.
The spiral looks the only possible way. it begin from the center, goes through blocks corresponding to the life way and finally on the boarder I wrote the names of the family members.
Awesome result!
When found this place for taking pics without anybody's assistance I was truly lucky.

P.S. As usual I made a card with leftovers from sewing, short story and care instructions.

 Oh , forget to show the back. Rainy drops in both mint and sky blue.
There are many rainy days in England. :)

 The label

What more - it is a real LOVE story.