Sunday, December 18, 2011

2012 New Year wall hanging

The new 2012 will be here soon. I can't believe 2011 was so short. So many projects left in my mind and couldn't happen.
Anyway I will go on sewing different things. And enjoy every minute spent in my fabric world.
After Christmas paper piecing project new ideas rushed on me.
New Year! At the beginning it was only a color drawing.
I begun sewing and when finished the number blocks suddenly my practicality "rang on the front door".
I can make the last number changeable if others are vertically.
Added stripes, quilted and binding  with rests of fabric's pieces. The last number "2" is joined by buttons. Next year I would sew only "3" and will have an actual wall hanging.
The finished wall hanging.

On the picture it is like a window hanging :)

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