Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eco-patchwork - next creation "Urban landscape"

 Do you remember eco-patchwork competition?
I had thought some weeks what to make for the last stage.  For long time I have like wonky windows and buildings. They are interesting with shapes and many possibilities to combine in a whole surface.
The problem here was the size. In fact it is only difficulty, not a problem at all.
Look how small is a window!
I discovered that sewing with a quarter inch seam allowances made more bulk. So cut them at minimum possible width - the back side.
Collecting all the windows was very funny like a puzzle game.
My first idea was to stitch them on a felt making an application, but looking at my favorite Alicia Merrett works I changed my mind. I had to work this way.

There is no need to make perfect rectangle I leave the wavy sides.
Machine quilted with different threads matching the fabrics - small attic windows, wooden shutters etc.
It looks so vivid.

If you like it you can vote here.
How looks the back? I will show it tomorrow.

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