Thursday, March 30, 2017

Learn letters while playing

Sometimes I wander about so many ideas flying in my head.
Do you remember my alphabet  hexagons  ?
What will happens if make a ball from all hexagons letter?
I needed to find a ball and write down the letters.
Probably there is a diagram in internet?
With this thoughts I have waken up one morning.
3 days later I have in my hand this funny ball.

Realizing that there is 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons in the ball I have to change 6 letters into pentagons.
As the 26 letters of the alphabet are not enough for the 32 ball’s pieces
I have added @ and # as very common symbols.
Nowadays they are used more often than letters.
The heart as a sign of love is important, too.
Each shape has 1 inch side.

 Outside and inside before filling the ball.
 The ball is around 5 inches diameter easy to catch by hand.

This is funny stuffed toy to play and learn letters with your kids.
Get the patterns from ETSY or CRAFTSY.
And show me your finished balls.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Hexagon Alphabet

I decided to share some tricks making letters from Hexagon alphabet.

In case you have two sections' letter paper pieces both sections.

Sew together the sections.  

Then add two pieces on the left and right.

Then add pieces up and down.
As you see it is not necessary to add perfect cut rectangles. I use every piece the same color I have by hand.
 Then align the paper hexagon on the back and reduce the exceed fabric.
As the hexagon has lines you can easily align them to the stitch lines. 
Make EPP your prefered way.

I pin and baste.

If it is still difficult to center the hexagon to the letter, look at the following tricks.

Happy sewing!