Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Easter eggs and COVID-19

The Quarantine.
It came suddenly although I have red many articles about corona virus in China.
Now I am sitting at home and trying to be calm.
There are appear activities that were forgotten : listening to the opera, learning foreign languages, tidy often, clean basic,  etc.
Sewing more by hand is used as a therapy.
Some years ago I designed an Easter egg using English paper piecing.
It take between one hour and one hour and a half, but the result can make happy the future owner of the egg,
This time I tried fussy cutting. The Easter is in the spring and flowers are perfect idea.
You can try letter, chicken, bunnies, etc. Personalized your creations.

I have tried even indigo died fabrics stitching with red thread.

If you like grab the pattern from HERE.
Enjoy the hand stitching!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Leap denim quilt

Do you think the people born on 29 of February are younger, as a spirit of course.
They celebrate once every four years, but their age is the same as the age of people born in same year, but not on 29  of February.
I was invited at the birthday party of a 60 years old man.
Thinking of present decided that a quilt was one possible choice.
I want to make a tied quilt for a long time.
I want to use a blanket for the back.
So the Leap denim quilt was born.
I have bought a blanket 200x150 cm.
About the top - recycled denim seemed a good idea for a man. I have one pair of his own jeans.
60 pieces as 60 ages, every forth is decorated with a piece of shirt, some are embroidered with events as children's birth, finishing schools etc.

The back is a KOH blanket - soft and cozy.

 After finishing I have packed and add a card, made with small leftover pieces.