Saturday, October 29, 2011

Picture English alphabet patterns

As I mentioned in my previous post I worked on a interesting project which had caught  me up for 2 weeks.
Lately I was keen on paper pieced blocks.
Paper foundation piecing is very popular method for beginners quilter, because it is easy to make proper lines and pieces. The sewing is easy and there are many clips in YouTube you can see how it is made. Combining different blocks you can make a whole top quilt.
I like children very much and hope they learn more quick playing.That's why  I made this English picture alphabet with paper piecing block patterns.
It is fully designed by me and I am proud to share with you.

I have designed one picture for every letter of the alphabet.
A - apple, B - boy, C - cat, D - dog, E - elephant, F - fish, G - girl, H - house, I - ice cream, J - jar, K - kite, L - lemon, M - moon, N - note, O - owl, P - pumpkin, Q - queen, R - radio, S - sun, T - tree, U - umbrella, V - vase, W - watermelon, X - X-ray, Y - yacht, Z - zebra crossing.
 Every block is numbered and ready for sewing. You can see all the letters and pictures here
Do you like only the letters? You can buy them here.
The quilt is great for learning together with kids alphabet and different words beginning with relevant letter. You can make as baby quilt or wall hanging.
Happy sewing and playing!

Friday, October 28, 2011


I am glad to inform you I win the first stage of the competition Eco-patchwork with this work.

In my country Bulgaria patchwork/quilt is not so popular like in USA for instance. But lately the interest is rising and many people joined our group in Facebook .

For the next stage I made this one.
I like recycling and hope a little efforts from many people can change the world.
If you like vote for me here , please.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Christmas treasury

I haven't wrote here lately because of creating my new project you will see soon.
Meantime I was part of a Christmas treasury JOY in Red and Green made made by Sarra Swift.
I can't believe Christmas will come so soon!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Light and bright

I have a patchwork lamp!
Made by me in a workshop last Sunday.

 It was great time spent with other people creating lamps from handmade paper.
Four hours patience, skills and fun.

Back at home on the other side with different colors.

Do yo feel it is more warm in the room?