Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A new look of EPP Moravian Star

 A friend of mine has shown me a beautiful star. This was first time I have heard about the Moravian star.

 It was EPP and seemed not so hard to make. I have GOOGLEd different images and realized that among big variety there is not a star with one colored points.

So I made a scheme with 20 different colors. You can download and print from HERE .

I have selected 20 Christmas fabrics, cut 60 cardboard templates and prepared the diamonds with glue- 3 of each fabric print. On the back side ( on the cardboard) I have placed a color sign that reminds me of the position in the star.


Then ordered the first side star and stitch all the diamonds right sides together.

 Keep in mind it the finished side star is not flat.

Gathering two side stars -  place the stars wrong sides together and stitch. After finishing the Moravian star the Moravian Star you have to leave the cardboards inside.

Repeat the same way to make one side star surrounded by 5 side stars - on the scheme I have circled with pencil. This is the first part of the Moravian star.

On the points where are gather three diamonds from one and the same fabric you have to fold the corners at 60 degrees - see the next picture.

Make the second part of the star - similar like the first one. 

Carefully gather keep in mind to align  the same fabrics at the points.

Choose one point to put a hanging cord.


Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Finishing a quilt

After finishing a 9 patch deconstructed quilt top I made a quilt sandwich and pin with safety pins.

I chosen the FMQ design and draw some lines on a sheet of paper to train my hands.

The FMQ design is easy even for beginners.

Look at the back how it turned out.

This time made a wider binding finished with running stitch on the back.

First made the long sides. Cut 5 inch wide stripes and stitch on the front side.

Fold on the back with running stitch which is not visible from the top.

The stripes for the upper and down sides has to be half inch longer.

Stitched the corner and then turned over.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

9 patch disappearing baby quilt

 9 patch disappearing block seems better suitable for a beginner quilter, but I have some  fabrics left and some gifted fabrics, so decided to give it a try.

I received the fabrics from a lady who wanted to learn making quilts and bought the fabrics for her first grandchild. Now she had a second one without learning :) So she decided to give the fabrics to me. Do you think the second grandchild will have a quilt?

I have been wandering on 5 inch or 6 inch squares so finally decided on 5,5 inches. At the next steps I realized this is not quite good, but I have started this way.

 I made 42 blocks because want make 7 rows and 6 columns.

I have to make 2 additional blocks and then have a little difficulties to cut small squares and rectangles, but finally I have 42 blocks. 

How to order them? There are many layouts.

 Because I used more than 9 fabrics it seemed too messy. 

I run our of orange and place in the centre yellow.

To group together big squares equal colors at the sides of orange small squares looks quite acceptable.


Finally the top is finished.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Celebrating 10-th anniversary

 Ten years ago I found ETSY and decided to share my passion to quilting and design patterns.

On 10-th day of 10-th month of the 10-th year of this century my Rightpaterns was born.

 In the right place, at the right time.

To celebrate 10-th anniversary I offer 10% off all my patterns HERE.


Monday, September 14, 2020

Counting sheep and the baby quilt

Have the babies to count sheep for falling asleep?

I am not sure. Especially when they have a loving grandmas that prepare warming quilts.

Judy Collier bought my pattern Counting Sheep and made this beautiful quilt for her "grandchild on the way". 

When I asked her to send picture of finished quilt I was not expected to receive something. You know, people are too busy nowdays and  full with e-mails, messages and pictures.

I was wrong!

She was so kind to send pictures and surprised me with finished baby quilt.

Look at this amazing  result!


Look at the quilting she had chosen. So many sheep up to the hills.

During the process of sewing she asked me for assistance - she had idea to put the grass between the sheep, but nowhere through internet she found a pattern.

I was glad to design some blocks, even suggested to make a mirror images for having more grass paper pieced blocks.

Thank you, Judy, for this idea, I will add to the pattern for free.

So happy to have such customers.

They make me proud with my designing abilities and computer skills.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Halloween pumpkin quilt block

 Happy to announce the finished paper pieced block on 1 of September.

The pattern is very versatile - you could rotate or make a mirror block so the quilt surface will be interesting.

I made a test block which intend to implement in a cushion case.

The pattern is here on ETSY.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Christmas in July

There are left only 10 days of discount Christmas in July!
Snowflakes, Christmas trees, Christmas wreath...
Make your first paper pieced quilt block now!
Here is one of the suggestions. Origami Christmas Tree.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Crazy Button quilt block

There was a button...
I found it and liked it so much so design a new pattern - Crazy button.

Especially like the combination with rotated blocks

Can not wait tomorrow to sew one block.

What about the button?
Here is it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Memory quilt is finished

The improvisational quilt I have began some days ago is finished.
It is the fast finished quilt - about 15 hours work in two days.
I had to finished because it was a memory quilt for the 30-th wedding anniversary of my beloved brother.

Happy I can took some pictures in home, where we lived and played as kids.

Here is the top view from above if someone is interested in.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Recycled lap quilt

Today I began a new lap quilt - some jeans and shirts have been waiting to be recycled.

It is absolutely improvisational top.

Removed the waistband, inner seam allowances added some triangles to build a rectangles shape and gathered them at the end.

Fast and furious :)

Instead of batting I will add a polar blanket.

It will be a picnic quilt/ lap quilt size and I am wandering about backing.

I will digging in my stash tomorrow.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

To be a member of a sewing summit

Hello to everyone who likes sewing and quilting.

Welcome fabric Lovers!

I am a part of a new family.

I was invited to make a tutorial .

         I am HAPPY!

You are cordially invited... to a FREE online Sewing Summit!

The Sewing Summit is a totally FREE online event where you’ll get 25 free classes and tutorials from pattern designers, sewing bloggers, pattern testers, and one from me!

You can join in from anywhere in the world, and tune in for any or all of the classes you are interested in 💗

You’ll be learning from talented pattern designers, expert sewing bloggers, and highly-experienced pattern testers.
With Fabric Craft classes from the novice through to advanced, there’s something for everyone. You’ll learn everything from upcycling t-shirts... to hand applique... to stuffed toy making tips… to 3D pinwheel quilting!

Follow along online, from the comfort of your own home for FREE

Get your ticket today from HERE!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Recycling jeans : a clothes peg bag

Sometimes I am sewing things  following strange ideas.
I have to repair the old clothes peg bag. Suddenly saw the leftover from jeans I used for making a roll for my everyday gym.
I made plan to make a bag and use the pockets.

I have the hook hanger from the old one.

Some directions if you like it .

1. Cut out the inside pocket bag of the front pocket.
2. Stitch the side and bottom seams.
The tricky action - because the waist band is very thick I used additional bias piece to bind it. Make as quilt binding.
3. Stitch along the waist band , put the hanger and finished by hand to keep in place.

Easy, right? One hour project.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Easter eggs and COVID-19

The Quarantine.
It came suddenly although I have red many articles about corona virus in China.
Now I am sitting at home and trying to be calm.
There are appear activities that were forgotten : listening to the opera, learning foreign languages, tidy often, clean basic,  etc.
Sewing more by hand is used as a therapy.
Some years ago I designed an Easter egg using English paper piecing.
It take between one hour and one hour and a half, but the result can make happy the future owner of the egg,
This time I tried fussy cutting. The Easter is in the spring and flowers are perfect idea.
You can try letter, chicken, bunnies, etc. Personalized your creations.

I have tried even indigo died fabrics stitching with red thread.

If you like grab the pattern from HERE.
Enjoy the hand stitching!

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Leap denim quilt

Do you think the people born on 29 of February are younger, as a spirit of course.
They celebrate once every four years, but their age is the same as the age of people born in same year, but not on 29  of February.
I was invited at the birthday party of a 60 years old man.
Thinking of present decided that a quilt was one possible choice.
I want to make a tied quilt for a long time.
I want to use a blanket for the back.
So the Leap denim quilt was born.
I have bought a blanket 200x150 cm.
About the top - recycled denim seemed a good idea for a man. I have one pair of his own jeans.
60 pieces as 60 ages, every forth is decorated with a piece of shirt, some are embroidered with events as children's birth, finishing schools etc.

The back is a KOH blanket - soft and cozy.

 After finishing I have packed and add a card, made with small leftover pieces.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Love and beyond

The month of Love began.

February if you wander.
Although for me each day have to be filled with love.

Here is winter and warmth of home push me to sew more things.
The ideas come in my head and with Internet :)

If you are looking for inspirations visit Crafting news. They have selected 21 ideas for Wedding Quilts.
They all are interesting and have story behind.

One of them is my wall hanging Love hearts. There are different hearts – Yo-yo, stripped, wonky, crazy, french braid, broken heart, patched heart, and double hearts.
Sometimes love brings you to the heaven, sometimes it hurts.

Let happy moments be more!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Happy Valentine

You are my Valentine!
Better way to say this words is to make a mug rug for your sweat Heart.
The idea came to me last Summer, but the health problems stopped me to make a pattern.
Now it is finished and put in my ETSY mug rug' shop. I am satisfied.

Another idea for Saint Valentine day - Let love grow!

Or why not to test Love with Modern tester from HERE.