Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Potholder - crazy patchwork

I liked this type of potholder at once when I saw it on Internet. Think it is very comfortable and useful.
The occasion  came as a birthday party so the present is ready for about two hours.
I choose the colors according the kitchen's walls, which are painted yellow. First padded with heavy batting and rests of necklace for better insulation and then quilted. I have chosen bias binding because of curved shape.

 Added a hanger and attached the binding.
 Hand stitched and machine stitched for more durability.
The final result.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flowers in the air - to be continued...

If you wonder what happened with my hexagon project "Flowers in the air" - stop make this.
Day by day, evening by evening I had attached hexagon pieces. I have not exact idea what size to do? Is it more suitable for wall hanging or for a child quilt?
But keep patience and go sewing. The size now is about 120 cm width.

One week ago I discovered I don't want to cut any flower because of the edge.
Probably I will add a solid fabric outside the flowers?

So now I am wander what to do?
Last few days I had thinking about possibilities to end this project.
Hoping I find the right decision. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Cushion with two faces from recycled shirt

I have been wondering for  2 months what cushion to make for my new sofa. And it happens at once. 
I have seen this shirt and liked the color (exactly the same as my lamp). I liked the embroidery very much, too. So decided to create 2 cushions in combination with orange - the sofa's color.  
Thinking or how to closure the back, I know it is impossible to find zipper matching color, suddenly found I can use the buttonholes of the shirt.
First I added two little triangles to compensate the neckcurve.
 The back of the shirt I have used for cushion's back.
Added thin batting and stitched - some lines by machine, some lines by hand. I have seen this in Nova Flitter's blog  and likes it very much. 

The front looks great, too.
 I like the final result. What about you?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

50/50 contemporary art quilt

Well so long I have not written any posts here. Too much work - sometimes unpleasant but necessary.
A friend of mine turned 50 years and invited us to a party.
That was a great occasion to create something new. Moreover I had promised him  to make a quilt for him.
In a chat he said with smile that 50 passed, but 50 left so I was grabbed this words and after few days created this quilt.

It happened easy. The size is 50/50 cm. I used this combination of colors, because of real life - sometimes black and white, sometimes colorful.
At the beginning.

Trying different combination and position of the parts.

 Closer look at the quilting.

Special thanks to Jeri Rigged and this post for finishing  the quilt.
Hope you enjoy the wall hanging!