Monday, December 12, 2011

50/50 contemporary art quilt - Number 2

Do you remember my first 50/50 art project from August?
Now I created number 2 for friends of mine. They are family for long time so the spiral of life seemed to be a perfect choice. I repeat black/white contrast in other way.
The process of combining colors.
Put the batting, back layer and thought - What would be better way for quilting?

 I quilted every piece of spiral with similar threat and different shape as the diversity of life.


  1. Много,ама много ефектно!!!!Ауууу,как ми харесаааа.....
    Страхотна си,Руми!

  2. Страхотен е!Хубав контраст... а за куилтинга се възхищавам!