Tuesday, December 21, 2010

English paper piece quilting zipper pouch

Playing with hexagon I created this purse and I want to share with you.

It is my design. I made first purse and shown in my Etsy shop. And now when I made a blog you receive the way you have to sew all the pieces as a Christmas present .
The hexagons are prepared classical way (see my older post).
You can choose the size of hexagons - 4 of them are equal to the size of the zipper.
Sew all the hexagons and triangles to became the enclosed  diagram.

Now stitch together the sides with the same numbers. Repeat  with another side.
Then sew the zipper, put inside bag and you are ready.
Very simple geometry combinng hexagons and triangles.
I can send you a PDF file with the pattern if it is not visible well.
Can't find how to upload here. Excuse me, I am new :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New treasury I am in

A new treasury with my item - this time it is Christmas tree coaster.
You can find it in my Etsy shop, not long I hope :)


Monday, November 29, 2010

Coaster with Christmas tree tutorial

English paper pieced hexagons are good for relaxing after a duty day.
I have never worked with such small pieces.
 ½ inch! It was a challenge. I thought it is impossible and tried. See the result. I think it happened.

You can find it in my Etsy shop in Christmas section.
For people that like to discover new opportunities I made a tutorial – step by step.
1.Cut the pieces of fabric. You can use any because of small sizes. There is no need to cut perfect hexagon shapes.  You need 11 pieces – I choose different colors green,1 brown for the trunk and 1 red for the star on the top of the tree.

2.Stitch the paper hexagon according English paper piecing technique.

3.Arrange on the table in desired order.
4.Take 2 contiguous and stitch right side together with matching thread.

 5.Repeat with all of the pieces and iron.

 6.Cut the threads and remove the paper pieces from back side. The size of Christmas tree is only 3 inches.

7.Cut 3 rectangle pieces of fabrics for the front and back, and one piece of batting. Mine are approx. 7x9 inches. Quilt free motion.
8.Baste the tree to the quilt.
9.Stitch with hidden stitches the tree.

10.Trim to desired size.

11.Cut a stripe 1 ¼ inch for the binding. I have choosen here 2 colors because it seems too dark with green only.
12.Handstitch on the back side.

If you want add some snowflakes round the tree.

You are ready. You have a perfect coaster. You can hang it on the wall – simply add a safety pin on the back.
Was if difficult?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The result of my Weekend's creations

I have executed all my plans for weekend. The baby quilt from the beginning till the end. All was doing well. Each block happened easy. Some problems I have with quilting - the size is about 90x120 cm. But I like the final result.

I have added a label on the back side - hand embroidered by me.
The second task was about Christmas stars - two stars for Charity quilt. I have combined rests from my previous projects. Look pretty!

 The last task - the Day of Christian family - great evening. I was too busy to take pictures :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Treasury made by Serdomania

An Etsy seller Serdomania has created a treasury Perfect gifts 

My hexagon coasters are included. I am so happy!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Handmade holiday plans

Making plans is my power. I always making plans what to do, when and how it will last. Sometimes they happen, sometimes not. When I do all my ideas I am the happiest person in the world.
For this weekend I plan a lot to do, as usual.

1. A baby quilt. A friend of mine became grandmother and I think it would be great surprise to make a quilt for new born baby. The fabrics were bought, the model is chosen. Let’s start.
2. The second is participation in united project for Christmas charity exhibition. A Bulgarian Patchwork team will make a quilt. Every member has to make a block with Christmas star and at the end we collect all blocks in one project. It will be something like this, but in red and green - real Christmas colors.

3. On Sunday we celebrate The day of Christian Family. As a good wife I have to prepare a holiday dinner with delicious dishes and cake at the end. 

Ambitious plans, what do you think?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Waiting for Christmas

Christmas is my lovely time of the year. The tree, the carols, gifts and warm coziness are great things for me.
I began preparing some coasters for tea cup. I love drinking tea at home and see falling snow outside.

Lately I discovered foundation paper piecing and decided to make Santa Claus on the coasters. Pieces of fabrics - recycled old shirts and rest of previous projects were sewn by me.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Puzzle quilt for parents and children to learn together

Yesterday  I was on a newborn baby's party. A special quilt and cube created by me have new owner.
This is three layers quilt - in fact a game for parent and child.
She or he can learn:
* to open the lids of picture
* to search picture that corresponding to the word you say when all the lids are open
* to search for the place of a picture when all the lids are closed – this improves camera eye
* to recognize different animals and colors
* to look for two identical pictures – there are two chicken and two cats
* to learn the numbers – even are on green blocks, odd are on brown ones
Or simply laying or sitting on it.
I have created it some months ago and listed in my Etsy shop.
But this baby is a grandchild of one of my friends, so I decide to make a gift.

Hope the mother and baby enjoy playing together.

Finally it was born

Finally I made it. The blog!
After some weeks of hesitations I decided to create one.
I will show many useful ideas and projects for people who like crafting - patchwork, quilt, bookbinding.
I wish myself good luck :)