Saturday, April 27, 2013

Two ethno cushions

I couldn't believe how long I haven't written here.
Some projects and emergency things are "eating" my time.
Anyway I have finished my last project - Gift for my friend's housewarming party..
The house is situated  in a small mountain village with beautiful nature.
I have planed to make something ethno.
I like very much a cross stitching I have seen on a package some months ago.

I designed a paper pieced block,

 and made two cushions.

Added some embroidery by hand to give more ethno look.

The new pattern is available on ETSY and CRATSY.

P.S. I will inform you about my friends opinion.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Curved pictures

I have seen such curved lines at a blog  two days ago.
I read The quilting Edge and like all works that Mari quilts.
She use quilt as you go technique and I Like it too much.

I think quilting on domestic sewing machine is horrible.
I promised I have to try. 
So I have chosen two fabrics and began cutting.
This is not my first attempt in sewing curved lines so I was not stressed.
It was amazing as a journey when you are exploring a known country.
After sewing the first one I found many opportunities for next ones.
Finally I stopped after third. The quilting was fun.
Look at the results
First: Crossing rivers
Second: Flowing river
Third: Never crossing rivers

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Tulip Field in the Netherlands

Have you ever seen the tulip fields in the Netherlands?
They are amazing. Look at their beautiful colors.

I have some plans for a quilt, at this stage I have made a mug rug.
Drawing first, cut some solids, applique by hand and by machine, quilting, binding. Voila!

The windmill is free motion quilted like real stones.

The back is an interesting pattern.

I am satisfied.
Oh, the pattern is on ETSY and CRAFTSY as usual.
In case you want a finished mug rug grab it from HERE.