Saturday, February 26, 2011

My next baby quilt

This morning I began work on a project  Next baby quilt. This time it is for a young lady :)
I decided to use 3 kind of fabric. I chose the white to give more brightness to the quilt.

 I had many ideas how to combine them, but at the end it happened.

 Tomorrow I will make the back, put a batting  and finish.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

My "Quilt as you go" project

I have much time when traveling or sitting in the evening in front of TV set so decided to try something new.
I cut squares different solid colors, paper hexagons and began my new adventure.

Then added other colors without idea what will be happen at the end.

 Every evening the number of hexagons increased. 


They look like a beautiful garden.
 I made a decision - it will be "Spring flowers in the air".

 What size of the quilt would looks better?

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Curtain inspired by Klimt's "The kiss"

This idea came into my head some months ago. I had to make a curtain in front of a niche, so I started to brainstorm myself to create something different. I collected some pieces of taffeta and began working.
At first I cut too narrow stripes so my idea for stained glass effect was impossible. Then I drew a scheme on a big sheet of paper and color it. The work was going better. You can see the last row is still on paper.
At the end I changed a little bit order of some colors, but the final result is great.

 It is very warm and cozy especially by evenings when I turn on the light behind the curtain.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eco friendly wrapped wine bottle

Simply cut the sleeve of an old shirt, sew a circle from the same fabric for the bottom and tie ribbons.
It is easy, isn't it? The result is amazing. I have added a pocket with a card to future happy owner of the bottle.

This is a wonderful idea for gift giving on special occasions.
Like The Day of the wine, which is celebrating today in Bulgaria.
Наздраве ! CHEERS ! Zum Wohl !  Salute !