Thursday, March 25, 2021

What a wonderful world - an educational quilt for twin boys

 I can't believe I haven't shared here my last quilt from 2020.

It was amazing quilt for twin boys for playing on the floor.

The idea came when I receive an order to make a present for their birthday, but there is no time to sew two separate quilts.



There is a sun to play with the sunbeams.

 moon and stars


and kite in the sky with tale with different texture ribbons


The rainbow comes after rain 

After winter

comes spring


There are autumn leaves, strawberry fields,  mountains and meadows, a lake with a fish and cats walking around.

The back is filled with stars.

What a wonderful world!


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Hand quilting design

 Finally decided on hand quilting for the Disappearing Hour Glass Quilt.

Because it is a Study - the stitches are connected with making the block.

The white thread is for the stitching lines, the red thread shows where has to be cut.


Going to one corner I made a bigger stitch and realized that I could berry the thread in opposite direction and this would give more stability .

Made the knot as usual.

 And berry the thread in back direction along to the stitching - this makes the thread invisible if the fabric is light.

Finished front...
and back.