Sunday, November 27, 2011

Giant crazy Christmas pincushion

Do you remember my Merry Christmas garland project?
Well I have many small  pieces left so decided make a funny holiday pincushion.
Crazy patchwork seemed mostly suitable technique for small pieces. I started sewing and soon I have big enough polygon. Trimmed the corner to have a round shape, thread a needle and with running stitch sew the end like making yo-yo.

 Tighten a little and begun filling with small pieces, left-overs and thread tails I had cut in process of sewing and collected in a small bag near my sewing machine. At the end I have tighten firmly, made a knot and made some stitches.
Cut a circle from fabric and fold this way.
 Stitched with hide stitch at the bottom.

 The pincushion is ready. Enjoy it!

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