Thursday, June 20, 2019

Another QAYG project

I am back!!!
Almost 5 months away.
I am so happy to be here again. The shoulder pain which caused many problems has almost gone. The movement of my hand is getting better and better.

This project was last I have made, but I could not share with you.

I had to made a single bed quilt for my nephew.
I recycled his jeans, his father's shirt and some blue fabrics.

Having a cushion prepared before I decided to use similar design.

And the back is almost boring :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A cushion from recycled shirt

This idea is not new, I have made such cushion years ago.
Now I developed the idea much more - I used the pocket of the shirt.
From the front sides of the shirt cut 15 inches square.

As in the old tutorial you can use the back of the shirt.
This time I used another fabric.

Different ways of use :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Improvisation and QAYG for a big quilt

First quilt for the 2019 is finished. I am absolutely satisfied with the result.

Improvisational piecing within the blocks and strip sashing between the blocks.
I have seen this method some years ago here. I liked it so much and promised to myself to use it one day.
The most beloved thing is that the back side is absolutely different and can be used sometimes too.

I used fabrics from man shirts for the top and fabrics for man trousers :) for the back. I was given many fabrics, bought years ago and want to use them as the main idea of the patchwork is to utilize different materials.

Here is one of the blocks.
First of all I stitched the batting and backing with 4-5 straight lines to hold them together. Then began from the centre like Log Cabin and added different colors and sizes. In fact I have added what I had by hand. At the end trimmed the block to desired size.
Prepared 6 blocks this way.

Then had to stitch together two blocks.
I have Bernina with zig zag stitch, bu at this time I have by hand my Janome 1600P only. It has straight stitch only, so decided to try connecting two blocks with FMQ.
It works!!!! Not perfect stitch but the stripes cover and hide all the stitches.

The edge of the block push other and there was no problem that they were separated.

The look from the back.

I cut 1,5 inches stripes for the back and 2 inches for the front.
First added on the back then on the front.


Definitely this was the fastest sewn quilt ever.

Excuse me for some "night" pictures, but I was in a hurry to see the final result.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Good bye Craftsy

Have you heard that CRAFTSY was sold.

Till 28 of December you can buy pattern from the shops there.

After this date there will be a new concept about the site.
So if you want to buy some of my patterns visit CRAFTSY.

For coming Saint Valentine from HERE:

For the spring from here:

And many others funny PDF patterns.

Till 28 of December from HERE.

The same will happens to the MUG RUG shop with best selling pattern

The truth is that my favorite is ART Stained Glass

Ende Gut alles gut!
Happy to was part of the Craftsy.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

New tote for the new school year

I can't believe I forgot to post this tote here.
Better late than never :)

I made it for a friend's daughter who wants to be different.
 Stay out of the crowd!
The colorful pencil is standing away from other.

The back is recycled denim.

The pencil are easy to made. Paper pieced block is the same for all of them, but with different length.
Oh, I have made two of them mirror image to have variety of looks.

If you are interested in pattern find it free at CRAFTSY,
It is a kid game to draw a block if you don't have a CRAFTSY profile.

Easy to combine different length pencils in a whole block to use it as a panel in a tote, pouch or a cushion.

Happy sewing!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Time for Christmas or Christmas time

The preparations began right after Halloween. Or much more earlier in July.
When do you begin?
For me is different every year.
It depends of the mood and the weather.
Now outside is a splendid autumn so thinking and preparing something for Christmas is almost impossible.
But designing this Christmas tree was so fast and funny.

After drawing with EQ7 began coloring .
At the beginning the tree was very bold - only in green colors.

After one false movement of the mouse there appeared  new possibilities.

Different background looks like the winding way, don't you think?

The pattern is available on ETSY or Craftsy.

Check soon for next trees.
I have some ideas about.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Teaching improvisational piecing

I was teaching some quilters improvisational piecing I have described some weeks ago.
Do you remember the idea? Collecting big pieces which you have by hand, cut them and resew.

There are different results - all of them amazing and interesting.

Now some blocks are finished items.

All were satisfied and motivated.
Thanks for participating and new ideas.