Sunday, May 23, 2021

Manx quilting block

Some years ago I spent almost 6 months for learning different patchwork and quilting techniques, different blocks and patterns. I have not tried all of them but those ones I was interested in I have tried.

Yesterday a quilt friend shared a very old technique and I realized I have not seen it before.

This is a Manx quilting block.

It is very easy, hand sewn  method that don,t need perfect measures.

I was challenged to make it by machine.

I decided to finish as a coaster because no idea what to do with a whole quilt the same technique. For now:)

Here is a short tutorial how to make the binding.

Do not place the last "logs". Instead of this use the backing for binding.

Double fold the sides by iron.

Double fold the corner.

Repeat with  all corners. Begin stitching from the middle of the side.

When reach the corner pivot with needle down.

Then turn back as close to the fold as you can.

At the next corner I made a back stitch in the inner corner. Hope it will lay more neatly.

The back 

Thursday, March 25, 2021

What a wonderful world - an educational quilt for twin boys

 I can't believe I haven't shared here my last quilt from 2020.

It was amazing quilt for twin boys for playing on the floor.

The idea came when I receive an order to make a present for their birthday, but there is no time to sew two separate quilts.



There is a sun to play with the sunbeams.

 moon and stars


and kite in the sky with tale with different texture ribbons


The rainbow comes after rain 

After winter

comes spring


There are autumn leaves, strawberry fields,  mountains and meadows, a lake with a fish and cats walking around.

The back is filled with stars.

What a wonderful world!


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Hand quilting design

 Finally decided on hand quilting for the Disappearing Hour Glass Quilt.

Because it is a Study - the stitches are connected with making the block.

The white thread is for the stitching lines, the red thread shows where has to be cut.


Going to one corner I made a bigger stitch and realized that I could berry the thread in opposite direction and this would give more stability .

Made the knot as usual.

 And berry the thread in back direction along to the stitching - this makes the thread invisible if the fabric is light.

Finished front...
and back.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The back of the Hour Glass quilt

 Finally finished the top of the Disappearing HourGlass quilt.

Added 6 inch boarders around and here is the result.

If you wander what has happened with the first block. Here it is.

 I have implemented in the back.

 I adore Log Cabin in each and every variation.

The quilting is on the way.

 Thinking of hand quilting...

To be continued...

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Disappearing Hour Glass' study

 One day drinking my morning coffee I found a video tutorial how to make Disappearing Hour Glass quilt block.

I was interested in and tried with two pieces of fabric I have by hand. They were around 11 inches squares.

I was not satisfied with the result and made another one with small pieces - 3 inches.

The colors' combination was great but the corner triangles were so small that after stitching to the neighbour pieces they would disappear.

Then I decided to make a study and made some blocks - 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 inches. 

The 6 inch block was the last one that looks well and by which the seam allowances would "not eat" the corners.

How they looked like at previous step?

I liked the puzzle with all blocks and gather them in a top quilt.

For now it is lap quilt  size. 

Probably have to add borders to have a bigger top?

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

A new look of EPP Moravian Star

 A friend of mine has shown me a beautiful star. This was first time I have heard about the Moravian star.

 It was EPP and seemed not so hard to make. I have GOOGLEd different images and realized that among big variety there is not a star with one colored points.

So I made a scheme with 20 different colors. You can download and print from HERE .

I have selected 20 Christmas fabrics, cut 60 cardboard templates and prepared the diamonds with glue- 3 of each fabric print. On the back side ( on the cardboard) I have placed a color sign that reminds me of the position in the star.


Then ordered the first side star and stitch all the diamonds right sides together.

 Keep in mind it the finished side star is not flat.

Gathering two side stars -  place the stars wrong sides together and stitch. After finishing the Moravian star the Moravian Star you have to leave the cardboards inside.

Repeat the same way to make one side star surrounded by 5 side stars - on the scheme I have circled with pencil. This is the first part of the Moravian star.

On the points where are gather three diamonds from one and the same fabric you have to fold the corners at 60 degrees - see the next picture.

Make the second part of the star - similar like the first one. 

Carefully gather keep in mind to align  the same fabrics at the points.

Choose one point to put a hanging cord.


Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Finishing a quilt

After finishing a 9 patch deconstructed quilt top I made a quilt sandwich and pin with safety pins.

I chosen the FMQ design and draw some lines on a sheet of paper to train my hands.

The FMQ design is easy even for beginners.

Look at the back how it turned out.

This time made a wider binding finished with running stitch on the back.

First made the long sides. Cut 5 inch wide stripes and stitch on the front side.

Fold on the back with running stitch which is not visible from the top.

The stripes for the upper and down sides has to be half inch longer.

Stitched the corner and then turned over.