Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The last blocks from 9Patch sampler

Although I ordered the block according their difficulty think that Block number 10 happened too easy.
I could not found the name of it. Some of the blocks in EQ7 has no name but number.

Block Number 11

Block Number 12 - Time&Tide.
I found an interesting video at Youtube.

Here is the whole pattern quilt.

My project turned out very nice.
I like the touch of mustard as background in each block.

Next steps are the quilting and binding.
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

9patch sampler

The Block number 8 was easy to make - 6 HST triangles and 3 squares.

Number 9 was complicated.

Even I decided to use paper piecing sewing corduroy was not easy, but the result is satisfying.

The quilt pattern at this stage

To be continued...

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The 9patch game continues

Now comes the block number 6 called Ribbon quilt. It was very easy to make.
Half square triangles and a square in the centre.

I have found an interesting tutorial here:

This is great if you want to have more Ribbon quilt blocks.
Probably one day I will give it a try.
The place of this block in the whole quilt is:

The number 7 is very common Greek square.

To be honest I am very sorry I have started this project as a Recycle project - I have collected some corduroy shirts. They are very colorful and nice to touch, but sewing them is a disaster for me. Some of them are very soft, some have 3% lycra. I am very punctual to cut and sew along the lines of the printed pattern. This block took me a tittle more time than sewing it with cotton fabrics.
Anyway like the final look.

I have googled this block and think that most beautiful result is Fresh Lemon Quilts color idea

 The previous blocks from the Game you can found HERE, Here,  hEre and heRe :)

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The game 9Patch

The game 9patch is almost to the end and I realized I haven't wrote any post after the third block.
This year I promise to be more organized.
Here is the block N4 (centre 9patch} and its place in the whole quilt.

The block Number 5 (Pinwheel variation) comes, too.

Here are some tips for sewing the star.

Once you prepare the star beams simply add to the other pieces of the 9patch block.

It is very important to look after the place of the beam :)
As you see I haven't looked.
Anyway - I like the result, so didn't rip.

Wait for the next blocks.