Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Leap denim quilt

Do you think the people born on 29 of February are younger, as a spirit of course.
They celebrate once every four years, but their age is the same as the age of people born in same year, but not on 29  of February.
I was invited at the birthday party of a 60 years old man.
Thinking of present decided that a quilt was one possible choice.
I want to make a tied quilt for a long time.
I want to use a blanket for the back.
So the Leap denim quilt was born.
I have bought a blanket 200x150 cm.
About the top - recycled denim seemed a good idea for a man. I have one pair of his own jeans.
60 pieces as 60 ages, every forth is decorated with a piece of shirt, some are embroidered with events as children's birth, finishing schools etc.

The back is a KOH blanket - soft and cozy.

 After finishing I have packed and add a card, made with small leftover pieces.

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