Monday, September 14, 2020

Counting sheep and the baby quilt

Have the babies to count sheep for falling asleep?

I am not sure. Especially when they have a loving grandmas that prepare warming quilts.

Judy Collier bought my pattern Counting Sheep and made this beautiful quilt for her "grandchild on the way". 

When I asked her to send picture of finished quilt I was not expected to receive something. You know, people are too busy nowdays and  full with e-mails, messages and pictures.

I was wrong!

She was so kind to send pictures and surprised me with finished baby quilt.

Look at this amazing  result!


Look at the quilting she had chosen. So many sheep up to the hills.

During the process of sewing she asked me for assistance - she had idea to put the grass between the sheep, but nowhere through internet she found a pattern.

I was glad to design some blocks, even suggested to make a mirror images for having more grass paper pieced blocks.

Thank you, Judy, for this idea, I will add to the pattern.

So happy to have such customers.

They make me proud with my designing abilities and computer skills.

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