Saturday, September 5, 2015

Coloring mat for adults

Have you heard about the new anti stress therapy - coloring books for adults?
And especially Johanna Basford's Secret Garden.

I had to sew mats and wandering about design.
I have looking at my fabrics when found this one - IKEA designed print very similar to the coloring pages.

Immediately imagined a mat like coloring page.
Two hours later I have a finished mat.

Are you interested how to do? It is absolutely fun and easy.
Let's started!

1. Cut a piece 13 inches long selvage to selvage.

2. Then cut a rectangle 10x13 inches (left piece on the picture). The right one we will use for transfer the drawing lines and at the end as the back fabric..

3. Cut a white rectangle 10x13 inches and stitched both pieces right side together.
Iron the seam open an you have a top.

4. Now it is time to transfer the lines from the printed fabric onto the white one.
If you have LightPad to transfer the lines use it.
I usually use a window glass in daylight.
Get the right piece from Step 2 and tape it onto the glass.

5. Adjust the prepared top from Step 3 to fit the print so that you can see the complete drawings.

6. Now transfer some of the lines with Trick Marker self-erasing.

7. Cut a piece of batting bigger than the top, sandwich and FMQ with black thread.

8. Place a piece of fabric for back, stitch in the ditch and make a binding as usual.

Now you have a finished mat!

You can use any similar printed fabric with drawings if not have IKEA design.

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