Thursday, August 6, 2015

Personalized baby bib

The nice hexie letter R I have written about some days ago was the beginning of this little project.
Some months ago my Italian friend Elisa from Dilana&Dilino-Creazioni-Patchwork has a baby.
I want to make a special gift for the baby - little Roberto.
I want to try my new pattern Hexie alphabet and choose to make letter R and apploque on this bib.

I am satisfied with the result.
Especially like the idea for quilting.
Do you remember this game when there are written letters on a sheet and you have to connect them to have a whole word?
I write the letters of the name R-o-b-e-r-t-o using first paper pieced R and FMQ for the next letters.

Then add bias binding and stitched by hand. I had to be very careful at the curves to keep the shape.
My friend Elisa is a perfect quilter,so I have to be precise.

At the end I embroidered the letters with another color to make the name more visible.

I sent the bib and began waiting for the answer.
Do you think Elisa liked it?
The answer came yesterday - lovely picture of Roberto wearing the new bib.
I am happy having such friends.

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