Friday, July 24, 2015

Hexie alphabet

What a day I have!

Finally I finished my Hexie Alphabet and made one of the letters for a project that is still secret.
And two hours ago I have red a post of talented Soma from Whims and fancies about her Greek alphabet.

Till now I have designed a funny english alphabet, a picture alphabeth.
I always like different languages and alphabets. I like hexagons and English paper piecing.
So the idea to create a hexie alphabet came some days ago.
The alphabet will be great for different projects - quilt, wall hanging or garland.
You might add a tiny boarder around each letter, stitch by hand or by machine, baste hexagon as EPP hexie an gather with other pieces.

I test letter R with fabrics.

You may ask why R?
 It is for the secret project I mentioned in the beginning.
Come here later to see it.

Till then I wish you Happy sewing!
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The hexie alphabet is here .  Wait for hexie numbers.


  1. What a brilliant idea!! I love it :)


  2. Great idea, Rumi! I can see lots of potential for these cute hexie letters!

  3. Thanks a lot! I hope you are right. In addition I have designed hexie numbers, too. What fun I had :)