Saturday, March 7, 2015

Where do you come from?

When the site Quilt around the world announced their project Where do you come from last Summer I have no doubt I have to participate in.
They have been looking for patterns, ornaments, symbols, and grafical structures from all over the world, interpreted freely and translated into fabric as Patchwork and Quilting Pattern.

My paper pieced block Ethno totem was perfect for this idea.
I was inspired by national embroidery when designed this block for cushion's cover.
There were requirements about the size of the blocks (to make collecting easier) so I have to adjust the size. I sewn the block, wrote a story behind , filled the registration form and sent to Germany.

When received a special mail with kind grateful words I was happy.

Here are the participants with their blocks and stories - about 70 quilters from 20 countries.

Look how the blocks were gathered by EQ7.
Don't you think it would be a great quilt, do you?

Now the will sew together all blocks and print a book with participants.
Can't wait to see all together in a real quilt.

P.S. I was amazed yesterday when found another interesting inspiration like my embroidery (tapestry) one on the site Upper Case magazine when reading news about Quilt Con 2015 .
Look at the sound weaving.

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