Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How to make the perfect circle mug rug

I have designed a daffodil stained glass picture and realized that binding it usual way with bias tape won't look pretty.
I wondered what fabric to choose, thought a little more and decided to make it as cushion cover - place top and back right sides together, stitch and turn over.
The difference is that instead of leaving a hole for turn over when stitching along the perimeter, you have to stitch WHOLE perimeter and make a slash on the back for turn over. This ensure you have a perfect circle shape.
I have seen this method on the Lisa Call's site - an interesting fiber artist I have found two years ago.
In fact she made ACEO mini quilt - they are small rectangles 2.5″ x 3.5″only, but the idea is the same.

You will need 7" circle batting , 7" circle backing, 3"x1" strip non-woven fusible interfacing and finished top.

1.Lay the batting and prepared top right side up and stitch around at a quarter inch from the edge
of the picture to fasten two layers.

 2. Fuse a strip of fusible interfacing on the wrong side of backing and cut a 2.5” slash.


3. Lay the backing right side up and place on it the prepared  top  from step 12 right side down.
Stitch round perimeter follow the seam you made earlier to fasten batting and top.

4. Trim the batting only close to the seam.

5. Turn over the mug rug through the slash you have cut on the back.

Iron well, stitch round close to the edge.
Place a strip 2 x 5” on the slash on the back and needle turn applique
a strip to hide the hole.

6. Now you have a perfect circle mug rug.
Make a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy the spring.

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