Saturday, March 1, 2014

What a fun! (receiving swap mug rugs)

My coffee this morning was so delightful.
Do you wander why? Try to guess.
A special blend of coffee beans, a warm company or other reason.
It is my new mug rug. What a beauty!

I have received two mug rugs from the swap I have written about here on 1 of February.
I hug them, I dance with them. I took an all-round view of them.
Fabrics, colors, stitching, applique - all is wonderful.

A huge thanks to Elisa from Dilana&Dilino, who is my partner in this swap.

I haven't any special requirements about color, but they fit perfect fir my living room which is in grey blue beige and orange.

Look at this clever idea for the dove's bill. It is from felt and is fixed only at the base.

Another interesting idea is to show different type of how to end binding.

And last, but not least different methods for applique.

So this swap was a kind of tutorial, don't you think?

The next swap, please!


  1. Hello Rumi, thank you for this beautiful post. I'm glad you liked them and are especially surprised by your comments so thorough. You have to know that not everything has been studied, but dictated by the inspiration of the moment.
    Be partener in this swap was beautiful and I think we should find other ways to share ideas. Last but not least the article you sent me that I want to publish in the newsletter of our national association: Quilt Italia

  2. Thank you, Eli. You are welcome. I am sure the new friendship was born.