Sunday, March 9, 2014

Giveaway Waiting for Easter

Today is the start of the RightPatterns' Giveaway to celebrate Easter and my first pattern, designed by EQ7 - 
Tessellating Chicken Paper pieced Quilt.

Tessellation is the process of creating a two-dimensional plane using the repetition of a geometric shape with no overlaps and no gaps. It is like a puzzle.
This is my second tessellating pattern. The first one is with arrows

The PDF Tessellating Chicken quilt pattern contains 15 pages complete step by step instructions and fabric yardage needed for 40" quilt.

The giveaway is running from 9 th March to 29th March 2014.
To enter this giveaway, leave a comment telling me
What do you think about quilting software? Do you use any?
If not would you learn a software if someone makes a gift for you?
Bonus entry:  followers , new and old, please leave a second comment.
I will close Giveaway on  29th March 2014 and will announce the winner (chosen by Random generator) here on my blog and by e-mail no later than April 1.

Good luck!

********* Happy Easter ! *********

The pattern is available on CRAFTSY and ETSY .
P.S. I will refund money in case you win this giveaway.


  1. i don't have any but would sure use it if i did, thanks

  2. Oh wow! this is so cool. I have never used the quilting software, but I would! sounds great.

  3. I wish I'd seen this sooner. I may just have to buy the pattern. I am in a chicken phase since adopting two hens!

  4. Thanks for kind words. You could follow my blog for future giveaways, or simply buy now.

  5. I'm hoping this pattern is only in Craftsy wishlist-not certain, might have already bought or at least, thinking about it.
    Also REALLY like many other patterns-must look to find out if I already own any of these super patterns or perhaps you could tell! You keep record of those things? Need each in only 1 place. On Craftsy often but clearly, not hear often at all. Thanks for offering superb patterns!!! Will be back after finding these in PA shop in Philadelphia- not showing all in Craftsy- at least I think that's the case.
    Sandra,, wishing you the very best as talented people. Feeling need to open in dorms. Bye, Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra, I have written you a mail with details. Thanks for the comment.

  6. This is the most adorable pattern. I LOVE birds and would LOVE to try to make this quilt!

  7. I've never had the opportunity to use quilting software, but sure would use it if I could!