Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chicken coaster or mug rug

All began from my morning walk through Pinterest. Look at this lovely mug rug.
I always love wonky and  not so even strips, but this is gourgeous.
Easter is round the corner.And mine turned out in this one.

I will show some useful hints.
Let's begin playing.

 Step 1. Preparing body.

Cut some strips or simply collect scraps and 1" black square.

Start sewing Log cabin block with a black center. Don't worry about uneven stripes.

When you  made two rounds continue adding strips at two neighbouring sides. The black square will become an eye.

The block has no square shape. It is about 7" x 8".
If want trim it to a square.

Step 2. Preparing bill and tail.

They are made as usual prairie point.
Get a 4" square of fabric.
I have made mine from 4" strip, but it is the same in fact.
Fold it in half wrong sides together and press. See the process bellow.

I have made the bill from smaller square - 3".

Step 3. Assembling the coaster and finishing. 

Cut the batting and backing according the top.

Place prepared bill and tail on the backing, pin and stitch.

Lay the backing wrong side down, finished top right side down
and batting.
Stitch leaving 2 inch opening for turning over.
Backstitch at the beginning and finishing.

Clip the corners and turn over.

Iron well, stitch the opening and quilt (embellish) as desire.

Oh, prepare a cup of coffee.

Feel free to cut and collect strips as you like.
If prefer to have a foundation paper - get the pattern from CRAFTSY or ETSY.


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