Monday, February 6, 2012

Organize this mess!

Do you feel angry you couldn't find anything in the bag?

I do. A friend of mine does, too. So I decide to help her and made this organizer. A gift for a great friend!

I want to share with you. It is very simple to sew.
I used polyester felt - it is very light weight so is a great decision for woman bags :)
1 piece of felt 24" x 5"
1 piece of felt 24" x 6"
bias stripes 1,5 " for binding - 90" will be enough
a snap hook
some colourful scraps for applique
fusible web (optional)
Step1. Preparing the front side.
Get the more narrow piece (24"x5") and draw lines for the pockets.
There are from left to right - 3" for keys, 5" for wallet, 4" for cell phone, 1,5" for pen, 5" for glasses, 5,5" for notes paper sheets.
I made small pictures from different scraps, and appliqued them on the felt.

Cut 24" bias stripe ans sew right side down the whole length.
Bind and stitch by machine.
Step2. Preparing a key chain.
Cut a stripe 10"long ,1,5"width , fold and iron.
Fold, stitch and at one end stitch a snap hook and other stitch to the bottom of front piece where will be the pocket for keys.
 Step3. Sewing pockets.

 Put both pieces of felt together, aligned to the bottom. Stitch the lines between the pockets.

 Step 4. Binding the whole organizer.

Attach some bias stripes to become about 63" length, put it right side down and begin sewing . When reach to the corner, stop.
Repeat with all corners.
Bind and stitch by machine.
The organizer is finished.
Oh, I forget my new machine can embroider letters. I made a label and stitched by hand:)
My friend liked the organizer.
What about you?


  1. love this idea, rumi! i need to make one for myself!!

    1. It is very easy to sew.
      Most of the organizers are made from fabrics. But the felt has very light weight and this is the advantage. The woman bags are always full and heavy:)