Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Flowers, flowers

How long could it take sewing of a quilt?
Ask 10 different people and they answer that it depends.
Ask me and I couldn't give a clear answer, too.
My flowers in the air will turn almost a year. This is a 99% hand made project.
I likes very much hexagon Grandma gardenand at he beginning thought to make something similar.
When began combining the flowers I noticed that it appeared something different.
But I had sewn together 4 or 5 of the flower, so leaved them in this order.
Added green and blue as grass and sky for the background.

Now I have to stitch all the hexagons to the top. By hand, of course.
Then add batting, back and quilt. Some hours sewing. 30 or more?
Nobody knows?
I wish I finish till Palm spring!

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