Thursday, December 11, 2014

Oh, Cristmas tree

My dear neighbours were on the way to their home in South Africa.
I wanted to make a small, but special gifts for Christmas.
They had packed their luggage so it had to be small and remarkable. From all my heart.
Paper stars for the boys and a fabric tree for the girl. All they could be hang on the Christmas tree.

Making a tree is very easy and fun.
You will need:
      some fabric scraps
      white batting
      wooden clip

Cut triangles from fabrics - The outer ones have to be smallest, next ones bigger and the white one - biggest.
The size depends on the wooden clip.

Lay three of them as shown - white batting, green (right side up). red dotted (right side up).
Stitch them together round perimeter of the red one.

Then turn back and place another couple - green red triangles and stitch the same way.
Add about 10" piece of string folded in half. I have used zig-zag stitch.

Add embellishment as beads, golden thread, embroidery if like.
And clip the wooden clip!

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