Monday, December 1, 2014

Give a towel charm look

It was plain white kitchen towel. Organic cotton waffle wave towel.
A little bit boring with its simplicity.
I needed to put a small accent with thread or piece of fabric.

It was a fast and funny project so I want to share some details.

You will need two strips 2 inch width different printed fabrics and two suitable colors pearl cotton.

Sew the strips right sides together and press seam allowances open.
Then rotary cut at every 1 1/2 inch beginning from one end. See the picture.

Stitch together every two pieces until having a long strip consisting of alternate pieces.

I have cut strips 2 inch width, but you could use other width.
If you want that finished pieces are squares shape keep in mind to rotary cut half inch shorter than the width of the strip (for the two seam allowances  each measuring a quarter inch).

Stitch on the towel row edges applique.
Add running stitch along the strips.

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