Saturday, April 5, 2014

Better later than never

I think I have the longest postponed project.
Two years ago I have finished this top.

I like it too much, but was a little bit bored with hand stitching.
The quilting has to be made by hand too, so I had put is aside for better days.

The truth is that if you have no desire for something it goes bad.
I wandered if it is wall hanging or lap quilt - size is 60 by 50 inches.
Put a thick batting and sandwich, but didn't like the hand stitching and ripped it.

Now I basted with a thin batting.
I have been quilting for one week and am happy with the design I have chosen.

Here is a small detail of it.

I intend to quilt the center of the flower with yellow thread following hexagon's sides.
But this will be the last action.

Now I am focused on finishing quilting with blue thread and binding.
It won't be finished for Palm Sunday, but for Easter...
At the worst till the end of month.

Happy weekend!

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  1. So pretty and beautiful hand quilting. You and I picked some of the same colors :)

    Have a lovely week,