Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tips for applique with fusible web

Today I am working on Springtime flowers mug rug Swap organized by Michelle from Quilting Gallery.

And have two secrets to share.

I always have difficulties to applique by hand  when fused 2 or 3 layers of fabrics.
So this time I thought a little how to avoid such problem.
The solution is very easy.

You have to fuse only the outer sides of the piece.

What I mean?
Trace the shape on the paper.

Fold and cut a strip around half inch.

Unfold and you will have this one.

Place the new shape on the wrong side of the fabric and fuse.

Cut follow the outer line.
Remove the paper, place on the proper place of the mug rug top and fuse.

Second idea is about the flower.
Trace the flower and cut the paper.

Cut carefully the center a little bit outside the circle.

 Fuse the shapes on the wrong side of chosen fabrics.

Cut following the line.
Remove  the paper from the circle only and fuse on the proper place on the right side of the flower.

The paper on the back of the petals prevent its fusing.

Remove now the paper from the flower , place where you need and fuse.
Applique by hand or by machine. It is very easy to stitch.

The work in progress.

This tips worked for me. And saved some fusible web ;)
Hope you like them.

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