Saturday, October 26, 2013

Coffee, please

Last Friday was my happiest day in the passing week.
I have to sew gifts for friends from South Africa.

Two have their initials and other have hearts.
They are 6 inches square and easy to sew. I have took pictures during the sewing - scroll down to see detailed tutorial.

I began cutting front and back fabrics and when switch the iron on the lamp is not shining.
Damn it! It is not working because of Friday afternoon.
Switch the machine on. The same problem occurred.
There was no electricity!
It was good that I have a working iron, but my tasks still stayed.
How much we are connected to electricity !

Then my old SINGER helped me! Thank you my faithful friend.
I began collecting strips.

One hour later my whole equipment worked.
I finished all four coasters.

But my biggest joy is my "new" extension table.
My brother made it for me from old furniture.
It is big enough - 20 inches square.
With adjustable feet!

What a fun-tastic table I have! Anyone could envy me.

And now


Cut 6" square fabric for the front and 6" fusible batting.
Cut 8" square for the back.

Iron batting on the wrong side of the front.
I will applique a letter, so the most suitable quilting are rows.
I have lines on the batting , so use them for stitching. If you haven't draw them on the front fabric.

Stitch together some strips from your scrap basket.  (about 3" square)
Iron the seam allowances open to have a flat surface.
Iron double fusible web on the wrong side, trace a letter and cut.
Peel the paper and place on the top.
Iron to fix.

Use zig zag or satin stitch round the letter.

Place the back fabric right side down , then so prepared top and pin.
Stitch round the letter to fasten three layers.
Binding using back fabric. See my tutorial here.

 Serve a cup of coffee or tea, please.


  1. Dear Rumi!

    Thank you so much for our beautiful gifts!!! Something to remember you, Deschka and Stefan and off coarse wonderful Bulgaria!! We had a safe trip and are home again!
    Lots of love, your South African friends, Hanneke, Kobus and Christoph

    1. What a surprise to see such sweet comment here! We are happy to have friends like you.