Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Binding with backing - Tutorial

Sewing mug rugs I found that they are great projects to learn different type of binding.
This one is very similar to classical look. 

1. Cut the backing 2 inches wider and 2 inches longer than the top. 
Lay the trimmed top with batting on the backing and pin. 
I have quilted top and batting together.

 2. Fold the backing to the edge of the top and iron.

 3. Beginning from shot side fold once more and pin.

4. Fold the corner.

5. Fold the long side .

6. Fold once more.

7 Pin.

8. Repeat with all corners and began sewing carefully. When reach the corner leave the needle down position and pivot.

 9. Stitch all perimeter this way.


Note that you can use this method when binding quilts, too.
If you need a binding wider than a quarter inch this is perfect way to do.
Simply trim the backing more than 1 inch.
For best result - double the width of the binding you want to have and trim the backing.

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