Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Recycled denim shopping bag

Everybody has a pair of old jeans. Or more, probably.
A friend of mine asked me to sew a shopping bag from her son's old jeans.
The only desire is to keep the back pocket. It is nice with the red stitch lines.

Oh, you want to see the bag, do you? Here it is.

I have took some pictures during the sewing so now I am writing a tutorial.

First of all cut the seam of the inner side of the jeans.

Fold in half and cut the back part for the bag.

Note that the side seam is not in the middle. The front and back parts of the trouser's leg are not equal.

The front part is collected from different pieces including back pocket.
You can cut them where decide from. Or follow my way. These jeans were not so big and I have to be careful with cutting .
From other trouser's leg cut the pieces.

Sew right side together half inch seam allowances. First sew upper row.
Press seam allowances open and stitch zig-zag with a thread different color.

I have seen this method on Victoria Gertenbach's site
I love it and used different threads for the different seams.
Cut from the rests 2 pieces for the handles and add this way.
Press well.
To be completely green I recycled an used shirt for the lining.
Put a piece of the shirt under the bag's part and cut.
Sew the handles along - first the side seam then the middle.
Make some back stitches at the end of the handle and leave open for turning over.
I used a gray threat so it is not visible - I have pointing with the pencil.
Turn over and iron well.

Repeat the same with the other part. Then order them right side together and stitch only along the side.
Open the seam allowances and zig-zag only the denim fabric.

Turn the side seam 2" towards the middle and stitch the bottom. I recommend to stitch twice for more  strength and security.

Now it is time to connect the handles.
Place two parts of the handles and stitch the denim only.

Insert one part of the lining under another, pin and stitch. It is possible to sew by hand.

Repeat the same with the other handle.
The bag is finished.
I have added a button and piece of elastic for fastening when fold the bag.
 Sew inside the pocket.
Add a button under the bottom of the pocket.

How to fold? It is easy. Place on a flat surface, fold, roll up and fasten with the button.

It is time for shopping :)