Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another upcycled shopping bag

Do you remember the shopping bag some posts ago?
It was the second one I have made using recycled fabrics.
The first one was with a special pocket.
I always lost my "have to buy" list and was angry finding I forget to buy something I need.
Of course I go the shop again.
This idea inspired me suddenly by night. What will be happen if I have by hand my list.
On the shopping bag.
Yes, this would be great. A special pocket for the list.
Think a little bit what is the perfect size of a bag.

Sew the pocket first and then follow the tutorial from before.
The finished "windows"pocket is 4"x 8". 
Sew together some scraps to have 4,5" x 8,5" rectangle.
Cut a small rectangle 2" x 6" inside (I made a curved shape for one side.)
You could make oval schape, too. It is up to you.
Cut the same rectangle from lining.
Right side together sew ONLY along inner edge.
Clip the corners and curved seam allowance  half inch apart to stay flat after turning over.
Fold the edges and stitch only the upper one.

Place a piece of elastic cord  for fastening and pin.
Place on the front part of the bag and stitch.

Now you can put your Have to buy list and go shopping.


  1. Много, много гениално! Браво на теб! И изработката е разкошна:)