Saturday, December 15, 2012

Billboard block turned into mug rug

The billboard block I have created yesterday is a mug rug now.
To be precise it is  bigger than a coaster, bur smaller than a mug rug. Exactly say - it is 7 inches square.
I have made 4 of them - each one different shape and color.
Looking at my billboards' pictures I have chosen 4 and create 4 coasters.

They are part of a project, which continuation I have made as a tutorial and will publish tomorrow.
It was fun to think out such idea and sewing a project made me very happy.
The whole project would be a Christmas gift for a freind of mine with nickname "the driver"
And what is more appropriate thing for a young man?
When you see the last piece of the project you will be totally agree with me. I am sure! 
Wait until tomorrow ;)


  1. Your Billboard blocks are interesting. Great colours

    Cheers Pauline

    1. Thank you, Pauline! The background was certain - blue for the sky and green for the grass. For the frame I have some doubts. The future owner is man, but he would have guests. So I put pink, red and orange. For the girls ;)