Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dyеing with rust

Some weeks ago I red in a Patchwork&Quiltjournal about dyeing with rust.
I was interested in and began looking for rusty elements.
Following advices in the magazine I succeed these results. I was amazed how easy it happens.

I decided to repeat the process and take some pictures. Here is the sequence of actions.
1. Mix three parts vinegar with one part water and soak a piece of fabric for a few minutes.
2. Lay on a plastic, put the rusty item, wrap carefully first with the cloth and then with plastic.

3. Leave in a hot sunny place. 

The result after 24 hours.
4. Mix a tea spoon baking soda in 1 liter warm water and soak fabric for 15 min. This will stop the process.
5. Rinse with cold water, dry and iron.

I have red many posts about the dyeing with rust.
Love the page of  Kimberly Baxter - the place with most detailed instructions and Q&A page.

What I have made with a piece of rusty dyed fabric.
Looking at it I have seen it has a mirror image.
So named it "REFLECTIONS"
I have sewn some free motion embroidery, added a  frame of fabric.

The others are waiting for my inspiration...


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