Monday, August 6, 2012

Cathedral windows taffeta needlecase

I have seen it in wonderful book "QUILTING 140 practical projects" by Isabel Stanley and Jenny Watson.
I love it, I want it.
I had to be very brave when decided to made this needle case.
This is my first cathedral windows project. It is not complicated, but sewing so small cathedral windows from taffeta seem to be very ambitious.
I have scraps left from my curtains.
At the very first beginning it was easy and pleasant to sew. I cut eight squares, folded and attached following instructions. Cut small pieces for the centers and then began the difficulties.
I was on the way to give up after sewing first square. But it would be pity for the lost 3 hours.
I  kept sewing.

The finished needle case looks so gorgeous.
 I forget about the hours spent in sewing.
Do you like it?
 I have written a tutorial with pics.
1. Cut eight  4 in inch squares. I use 3,5 in square freezer paper for easy folding the ends.

2. Fold each corner to the center point, press and pin.

3. Fold each corner to the center point once more. Stitch the corners at the center.
4. Place two patches right side facing and whip stitch.
There is no need to be so perfect like me :). At the end these places will be hidden.

5. Make 4 couples this way.
6. Then join the columns.
7. Measure the fold from one corner to the center point of the patch. Cut 8 squares in another colored taffeta to this size.  Pin each piece diagonally over the seam. Roll the fold over and slip stitch in place. Do the same with all 4 sides.
8. Repeat with others 7 squares.
Make the cathedral window effect on the patches without additional taffeta, too.

 9. Sew a button on the one side and a fabric loop to the other.

10. Cut the lining fabric to fit the case, adding 1/4 in seam allowance. Press under the seam allowances.

Press the corner this way. It will be easier to stitch to the outside part.

11. Slip stitch the lining to the needle case wrong sides facing.
12. Cut the felt to size and pink the edges. I have added 2 sheets.
13. Place the felt pieces in the needlecase and stitch down the centre line.

Enjoy the result.


  1. Oh my goodness - it is so tiny! But absolutely beautiful! So glad you stuck with it and finished it - it is just stunning!!

  2. It is beautiful! What a lot of work it must have been. Thank you for sharing how to make one.

    1. I forget about a lot of work :)
      I am thinking to make another one keep in mind tips I have described in the tutorial.