Monday, June 4, 2012

"The islands" swap in the group

This is the first swap I participated ever.
When the theme was offered I was a little bit wandered, but definitely know what to do.
"Surrounded islands" is a project of famous Christo 
Amazing work of an amazing artist.
Inspired by this photo I made a fabric picture.
For the islands I used small pieces green, brown,yellow loke a real surface.
Surrounding fabric is pink silk similar to the photo and shining at the sunlight.
 Quilting is a challenge - I want to show different shades of  water and remember geographical maps with its lines. So look what happened at the end.

I received very interesting coasters like old maps with signs on them and dotted sea around.
Some coins - parts of ancient treasury and cute octopus pincushion.
When comes the next swap:)


  1. Love the quilting! It really reminds of water and waves.

  2. Както винаги - оригинална идея и изпълнение! Поздравления!

    1. Благодаря! Оценката от теб е много ценна.