Sunday, May 27, 2012

Baby shower set

I was invited to a baby shower and had to sew something in one day..
I had knew about the birth and think I have time to make a quilt.
Alas! I had to finish another project and have limited time.
This is the fastest project I ever made.
Baby shoes and a bib with the same fabrics.
The bib is my design.
The baby is a little boy.  Like two fabrics for the shoes, but have buttons for checked one.
Add recycled jeans for the soles and inside. The shoes are so cute.

And so small.

From the rests designed a bib. It is very easy to sew.

Paper pieced first letter of the name -  I offer the entire alphabet here.
For fastening I add a magnet button - more safety than velcro tapes.
Quilt by hand - running stitch round the letter and within 3 hours I was finished.
Waiting for pictures of the little boy with shoes I show you this one.


  1. Thanks! The baby's grandmother adore them.

  2. Absolutely love the baby gifts, Rumi! So, so sweet, and it's great that you used recycled denim on the shoes. I love to re-use denim.

  3. Thanks. I recycle any time when it is possible.