Monday, September 19, 2011

New wall hanging - The Virginia reel

I like working with taffeta and satin, and with rests from previous project decide to make a well known pattern in new look.
I have chosen The Virginia reel . I like spirals as a sign of a circle of life. So decided to color a little bit The Virginia reel - usually in two colors. Left or right?
 The dilemma was which one of he project to sew - four reel different colors or one reel with color combination?
At the end it happens.
 The brown frame (from taffeta of course) gave a finished look to my creation.


  1. Руми, много е ефектно!

  2. :) много стилни творения :) с радост ще следя твоя блог :) поздрав :)

  3. Благодаря на всички! Дани добре дошла в моя свят!