Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flowers in the air - to be continued...

If you wonder what happened with my hexagon project "Flowers in the air" - stop make this.
Day by day, evening by evening I had attached hexagon pieces. I have not exact idea what size to do? Is it more suitable for wall hanging or for a child quilt?
But keep patience and go sewing. The size now is about 120 cm width.

One week ago I discovered I don't want to cut any flower because of the edge.
Probably I will add a solid fabric outside the flowers?

So now I am wander what to do?
Last few days I had thinking about possibilities to end this project.
Hoping I find the right decision. :)


  1. It looks lovely! whatever you decide it to be, it will shine :)

    PS I would stick to background hexies around the border then :)

  2. Обожавам го този проект, страшно красив е! Според мен решението ти ще си дойде съвсем скоро и ще е най-хубавото. Иначе аз те съветвам да го направиш поне queen size, ама не ме слушай мене:)

  3. Няма да те слушам - защото и за Коледа още ще шия цветя. Благодаря!