Monday, February 21, 2022

Scrap buster denim quilt

 I was given some jeans to recycle and wandered what to do with denim.

I collect scraps different ways. The stripes are separated from other pieces, which are divided light and dark.

My scrap buckets are full. 

The block I made is easy - collected stripes and denim stripes.

How to make the block easy?

1.You need different fabric's stripes long around 6 or 9 inches. If they are shorter stitch two of them together to make the stripe longer.

2. Stitch along the stripes right sides together. Chain sewing for fast speed.

3. Repeat till have block around 10 inches width. Divide this block in 3 inches stripes.

4. Cut denim stripes 3x10 inches.

5. Stitch together colored and denim stripes. Trim if needed.

* Iron all seam allowances open.

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