Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Gravatar paper pieced block pattern

What is a Gravatar?

When browsing different web sites, you may notice that many users have a picture next to their name. These pictures are called "avatars." WordPress, however, uses a specific type of avatar called "Gravatars"--short for "Globally Recognized Avatar."

I like them very much and began of thinking to design them as quilt pattern.

The service matches your WordPress profile information to the email address.

But this is a private information, you say. That is the reason I stopped making anything.

Till yesterday when realized that any string of characters can be converted as avatar.

Hеllo, happy birthday, love, happiness, mum, dad etc.

I began with thankyou! and designed it as a 12” paper pieced block.



 I made a cushion case to test the pattern.



 Love it! 

Then played with EQ7 and add more colors.



To be continued...

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