Saturday, September 23, 2017

Make a tote from dyed fabrics - tutorial

Many times I wanted dying shibori. Last week I have red about dying with turmeric and fast go to try it.
I got a piece of fabric (recycled sheets) and some elastics and threads, put on gloves and began.

It was deep yellow right after dying, but when washed it became orange. This is the result after drying out.
I liked shibori so make another piece with blue paint for cotton fabrics.

Trimmed  the pieces to 12x16 inches. Chose a striped fabric for inside - cut two rectangles the same size.

Stitch the yellow piece with first piece of lining right sides together on one short side and iron the seams open.

Fold along the seam, stitch with proper thread and pin to quilt together.

Repeat with the blue piece.

Make an inside pocket.

 For handles I chosen pink. Cut 3 inch stripes, fold and stitch. Fix to the bag.

Place both quilted parts right sides together and stitched - first by machine then by serger, Turned out and ironed.

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