Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The girl - paper pieced stuffed doll

After finishing the boy I decided to continue the story and designed a girl for him.
Some days ago they met them and fell in love immediately.

The idea for making these guys came to me two years ago, but I couldn't find the proper shape.
At the beginning of May after  making some prototypes I was satisfied with the result.
Now they are a couple.

Even you are a beginner you can make it with more attention to the small pieces for the shoes.
I made the girl with closed eyes and long lashes - she looks so shy.
She is wearing in hands a beautiful bags as a real woman.

The very interesting detail is about the necklace.
I don't have in mind some jewelry except the bracelet at the wrist, but the neck looks "empty".

The chainstitched necklace looks so cute addition.

The girl is about 7.5 inches tall and the boy is 8 inches tall.
Some friends of mine adviced me to enlarge them.
Hm, what a good addition!

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