Monday, February 13, 2017

12 blocks sampler quilt

The next project I participate is 12 block sampler. Each block is based on 9patch.

There will be a challenge to see ideas different quilter.
The size of each block will be 16 inches. At the end everyone will have a lap quilt around 48 x 64 inches.

I decided on recycling - some corduroy and fabrics.

I began with corduroy only, but found it is difficult to align  pieces - when put two pieces right side together they "stuck" and the seam is quite uneven.
My first bock

It is ease and fast to sew. each square is 4 inch finished/
I have constructed the central piece quite easy
Stitch together two strips  and cut three couples.

Then added a square opposite color to any of the couples.

 At the end I have stitched together the three columns.

Easy, isn't it?
Adding other squares and strips was like a kids play.

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